Who To Call When Your Elderly Loved One Keeps Falling

Who To Call When Your Elderly Loved One Keeps Falling

Falls can be a significant concern for families with elderly members. It’s a common event that sparks worry and uncertainty. What’s crucial is knowing who to call when an elderly person falls. Immediate and right action can prevent further injury and ensure safety. Falls shouldn’t be a source of constant fear but rather a situation where preparedness meets knowledge.

At our home care agency, we take this concern to heart. Our team specializes in in-home care in New Jersey, providing not just assistance but a comprehensive safety net for your family. We believe in preventing falls before they happen.

Furthermore, our services extend beyond prevention. For families wondering who to call when an elderly person falls, we’re a trusted partner. We ensure a swift and compassionate response to any incident. Our focus is on comfort, safety, and peace of mind. This dedication makes us a leader in home care for seniors in New Jersey. Our approach is personal. We see every resident as a member of our extended family. This perspective drives us to provide care that’s respectful, attentive, and rooted in empathy.

Contact Their Primary Healthcare Provider

After a fall, the primary healthcare provider should be your first call. This professional has a comprehensive view of your loved one’s health history. They can assess the situation beyond the physical injuries. Their evaluation might include checking for any underlying health conditions that could be causing the falls, such as balance issues, vision problems, or medication side effects. Their insights are valuable in forming a care plan that addresses the root cause, not just the symptoms.

They might recommend specific interventions. These could include physical therapy to enhance balance and strength, changes in medication, or even nutritional adjustments to improve bone health. Their expertise guides you through adjusting your loved one’s daily routines and environments to minimize risks and support recovery.

Reach Out to a Home Health Care Agency

If falls become a frequent worry, contacting a home health care agency could be your next step. These organizations provide professional team members who can attend to your loved one in the comfort of their home. From nursing care to physical therapy, they offer services that don’t just react to falls but actively work to prevent them. Their trained eyes can also suggest modifications to living spaces, making them safer for older adults.

Home health care professionals bridge the gap between hospital care and daily living, offering a customized support system. They work closely with the healthcare provider, ensuring that any care plan is followed and adjusted as needed. For families, they offer peace of mind knowing that their loved one receives attentive, professional care, reducing the risk of future falls.

Talk to a Physical Therapist Specializing in Elder Care

Seeking advice from a physical therapist specialized in elder care provides a proactive approach to prevent further falls. These professionals possess a deep understanding of how age affects mobility and balance. Their training allows them to develop personalized programs that focus on strengthening, balance, and specific exercises tailored to your loved one’s needs. Consulting them not only addresses the immediate concern of falls but also contributes to a broader conversation about improving overall health and mobility.

The process often includes a comprehensive assessment to identify risk factors such as muscle weakness or environmental hazards at home. From there, the physical therapist can guide your loved one through exercises aimed at improving their stability. This kind of intervention is vital, as it not only helps in reducing the chances of future falls but also fosters a sense of independence for your loved one. Moreover, these therapists can provide valuable education on safe movement techniques and the use of assistive devices, enhancing your loved one’s confidence to move freely and safely.

Consult a Geriatric Care Manager

A geriatric care manager acts as a navigator through the complex world of elderly care. They bring a comprehensive perspective, understanding both the medical and emotional needs of aging individuals. Reaching out to one can offer a structured approach to managing recurring falls. These professionals can conduct in-depth assessments to pinpoint all potential factors contributing to the issue, from health conditions to the living environment.

Their role is also instrumental in coordinating a care plan that involves various professionals, such as doctors, physical therapists, and home modification experts. They can streamline communication among all involved, ensuring that care strategies are consistent and effectively implemented. By leveraging their knowledge and network, a geriatric care manager helps tailor a support system that addresses specific needs, reducing the risk of falls while improving the quality of life for your loved one.

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