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Live–In Care: Around the Clock Peace of Mind

Ambient Home Care understands how important and comforting it is having the same caregiver each and every day. Building a relationship, understanding a client´s likes and dislikes and developing a routine are all extremely important functions of a quality caregiver. Ambient Home Care provides the utmost Continuity of Care with our live–in service.

Most accidents happen when no one else is present or in the middle of the night. Have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe and receiving the best possible care all day long.

Our Employee, Not Yours: How You Want it to Be!

If you were to hire someone privately, you in turn would be the employer. As an employer, you would be responsible for performing such duties as withholding their taxes and paying the employers tax. There is no exchange of money between client and caregiver because the caregiver is an employee of ours, NOT YOURS. This is how you want it to be. Ambient Home Care is responsible for all withholdings such as social security and workers compensation, not you. If you were to come across, while doing your research, a situation in which you had to pay the caregiver directly, you should ask yourself why. The answer is because they are your employee and you have to assume all employer related responsibilities. Take a look at the following article for more in depth information.

If a caregiver falls and hurts themselves while caring for your loved one, who´s responsible? Well with Ambient Home Care, we got you covered. All of our caregivers are individually bonded and covered by liability and worker´s compensation insurance. Because of the world we live in, I think we all know how important this is.

CHHA: Skilled Care You Deserve!

All of our Caregivers that provide personal care are Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA´s). A CHHA is similar to the CNA(Certified Nurse´s Assistant) you very well may have seen and met in the hospital or nursing home, only the CHHA´s education is geared mostly toward care within the home. In order to become a Certified Home Health Aide, you must undergo a 76 hour state approved training course and a thorough fingerprint background check. Please check out the following link for more information about CHHA´s by the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. A certified Home Health Aide may not work privately; it is against the law. A CHHA must be employed by a health care service firm and supervised by a Registered Nurse.

Full Service: We´ll Take Care of That!

Ambient Home Care is a full service home health care agency. We´re not simply going to drop a caregiver off at your door and then leave. With our live-in services, we will provide the transportation to your loved one´s home and make sure he or she is fully orientated to your loved one´s needs. When your normal caregiver requests time off, it is NOT going to be the family that is going to need to worry about coverage or providing transportation. Ambient Home Care is in constant communication with our employees. When your caregiver requests time off, well arrange for a qualified substitute caregiver, all related transportation and complete a full orientation.

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